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How many faces can you paint per hour?

Typically for full faces you can expect 10-12 faces to be painted.  For large public events we can paint average 24 quick but impressive faces per hour using a limited design sheet the artist is comfortable painting quickly.  We can also adjust our face painting designs to meet your needs!


What locations do you serve?

We are located in Baltimore County, and will travel up to 45 minutes with no additional fees.  After that, a two-hour minimum booking is necessary.  We gladly travel to all parts of Maryland, DC, northern Virginia and some parts of Pennsylvania!  


What are your fees?

We charge the same rate for both face painting and glitter tattoos.   Our rates start at $150 for one hour and $125 per hour after that. For the most accurate rate it is best to get in touch with us!  We also offer a non-profit rate as well as special discounts for extended bookings and restaurants.


What do I need to provide for your artist?

A small, card-sized table and two chairs in a shaded location (if outside). Some artists provide their own chairs/tables.   This need can be discussed at booking. 


What kind of paint do you use?  Is it safe? 

Yes, our face paints are cosmetic-grade, FDA-compliant makeup  made specifically for face and body.  How many boys would want to be a super hero if they knew they would be wearing makeup?  Shhhh...don't let the secret out!  Brands we use are: Snazaroo, Paradise, Diamond FX, Wolfe Brothers, FAB, TAG and Kryoline.  


How far in advance should I book?

As soon as you know the date of your event, please contact us! There are several weekends throughout the year that just seem to explode with parties, so the earlier the better! We will always do our best to accommodate your event and provide a reliable and talented artist for you!

Does the painting HAVE to be on the face? What if my child has sensitive skin?

No, it does not!  We will gladly paint an arm or a leg--and what's great about painting an arm or leg is the child gets to watch!  If your child has sensitive skin and tends to react to everyday products, please let me know and I can perform a patch test. 


I am interested in your services.  What do I do now?

Please call or email/text me with the specifics for your event.  I will then send you a quote and if you would like to book, I will ask that a deposit be made as soon as possible to secure the date and time.  You will receive confirmation from me and I will be in touch a couple days before the event to confirm.  And that is all!  The balance is due on the day of the event.

I have to postpone. What now?

If you have to postpone your event, we will do our best to work with you! Your deposit can be used toward the new date and we will do our best to accommodate you, which could result in another (but wonderful!) artist servicing your event!

Are deposits refundable?

Things happen. We understand that! The best things to do if you need to cancel is to please communicate with us. Deposits are refundable up to two weeks prior to event date. When we receive a deposit, we are committing our time to you which means we are saying no to other events and blocking time on our  calendar for you. Last minute cancellations mean we have lost other work opportunities and therefore the deposit cannot be returned. 


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